The Egyptian vulture [Neophron Percnopterus] or White Scavenger Vulture  as it was called by Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, in the episode of El  Hombre y la tierra Video,  is a very popular bird with a great range of  vernacular names in Spanish [abanto, águila blanca, borreguero, buitre  egipcio, blanquillo,…]. This species considered “of special interest” is  the smallest vulture of Spain and Europe and it is in danger of  extinction. It is a migratory bird that arrives to Spain in spring and migrates to  sub-Saharan Africa in autumn, where it stays for the winter.  Every couple occupies the same territory every year, nesting in the  cliffs or crags; they lay two eggs between March and April.  At Peñarrubias’ cliffs a couple of Egyptian vultures have their nest and  it is very usual to see them alighted on the rocks from the cottage’s  balcony.
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