Peñarrubias is a small village located in the valley of the river Pirón,  24 km far from Segovia and 112 km from Madrid. The valley offers  interesting landscapes and architectural elements that can be discovered  throughout the wide network of pedestrian and cycle paths which pass  close to the river.  We highlight the fountain of Covatillas, the roman bridge and the mill in  ruins; Santiaguito’s cave chapel, the Vaquera’s cave and inside the  village: the roman chapel of the Virgin of the Octava, the forge, the  cattle crush, the “cocedero” (place for boiling), the cliffs and the  riverside of the Pirón, where you can swim during the summer.  One of the river legends is that of the One-eyed Pirón, bandit from the  end of the 19th century who used to steal along the mountain range of  Guadarrama and who finally was captured and condemned to life  imprisonment. A popular folk song arose that makes reference to him:  (Keep your eyes open with the One-eyed that the one who follows his way finds his death as he is a double eyesight-one-eyed)
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